Tiny Hand australian idiots
holla, we are sophie and laura, welcome to our 5sos blog◕‿◕ met 5sos 14.2.14 & 26.3.14


His sleepy voice, his sleepy face, his messy hair, his Calum… (+)

5 Seconds of Summer at BOA Steakhouse restaurant in West Hollywood, July 23rd, 2014.


Luke being irresistable yesteday on MTV VMAs Red Carpet interview

5 Seconds of Summer attend the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards


Ashton’s dm to a fan. I feel so bad for them. They work so hard and do things that make them happy and ‘fans’ have to bring them down. I just want to give him a big hug):




5sos think we don’t like the new fans cause they haven’t been here since the beggining but that’s not true. we don’t like the new fans cause all the promises we made about not mobbing the boys, not chasing after them and give them space are going down the drain. ever since new fans came into the fandom, the rumors and the drama are constant, they get mobbed everywhere they go (especially the US) and it’s like it’s not even about the music anymore.